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Maps and Rulers of regions of Thay

These are the eleven regions of Thay, each ruled by a seperate tharchion.[6]

  • Alaor – ruled by Tharchion Thessaloni Canos
  • Delhumide- ruled by Tharchion Invarri Metron
  • Eltabbar – ruled by Tharchion Dmitra Flass, also made Zulkir of Illusion somewhere between 1375 DR and 1385 DR
  • Gauros – ruled by Tharchion Azhir Kren
  • Lapendrar – tharchion’s position vacant since Hezass Nymar died in 1385 DR affected by the Spellplague
  • Priador – tharchion’s position vacant since Aznar Thrul was murdered in 1375 DR
  • Pyarados – ruled by Tharchion Nymia Focar
  • Surthay – ruled by Tharchion Homen Odesseiron
  • Thaymount – ruled by Tharchion Pyras Autorian
  • Thazalhar – tharchion’s position vacant since Milsantos Daramos died in 1382 DR of old age.
  • Tyraturos – ruled by Tharchion Dimon, also priest of Bane

Thayan vessels are named using magic-related themes such as spells, schools of magic or wizards, such as Alkammar, Black Tentacle, Enchanter or Lightning Bolt.

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